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Long Horns :: From The Castle Photographic Escape weekend



Starting at the beginning forms the basis for great photographic training and understanding. Working with your camera on settings other than ' auto', this informative hands on course will get you started with the basics of photography. Because you are doing it, you will grasp the understanding easier and maintain the knowledge for longer..... MORE INFO 

STUDENT TESTIMONIAL :: A passion for photography combined with a desire to improve my skills led me to Toni Fuller. Her enthusiastic approach to this unique art form encouraged me to see the world in a new, artistic light. I couldn’t wait to get to my next lesson for Toni to offer advice on how to improve the pictures I had made in the meantime.

I learned so many new techniques, but the gradual transition from frustration and disappointment to being in control of my camera and understanding which settings to change was undoubtedly the key to the amazing experience of “seeing the image” and then “capturing the image”.

Toni’s wealth of knowledge is unsurpassed and her friendly, creative approach to lessons ensures results. While you never stop learning, Toni has certainly given me the skills to draw on as my journey into the wonderful world of photography continues.

I wish I’d met Toni 20 years ago.     - Gail Hinshaw

Over the last year I have had the great honour of teaching a special lady the many aspects of photography through PRIVATE TUITION. From basic and advanced camera techniques to challenging yourself to find the artist within. All the techniques I have taught are in 'in camera' techniques and not created using external programs and manipulation. This image is inspired from my private photographic art group " The Underground Group" - Challenge - to shoot an abstract image.

Image by Gail Hinshaw

The Underground Group

Another stunning image of Gail Hinshaws . From the 'Underground Group's' monthly challenge. The challenge- to shoot a minimalistic image that is interesting , eye catching and beautiful but barely exists.

Gail scored 100 / 100 for this image and tok out the challenge.

To be apart on The Underground Group next year you will need to submit your interest and attend at least 2 private tuition sessions to assess your skill set.

As this is not a photographic class, but instead- an art class, you will need to have some skills.

Meetings are held once a month @ $40 per session.

You will learn many aspects of camera work and photography, plus learn to become your own artist.

A huge thank you to Gail for the use of her beautiful images xxxxx -


known as 'Teach'

COFFS HARBOUR professional photographer Toni Fuller has been providing quality photographic education to the people of the Coffs Coast and Clarence Valley for over 30 years. Toni offers a great selection of camera classes, lighting techniques, posing classes and nude posing and lighting classes. As a professional photographer with national acclaim Toni's reputation Australia wide is for creativity, originality, quality and out of the box quirkyness.

Camera Classes held by Toni Fuller's Photgraphy School are the best in the area, with many students doing different classes throughout the year, or even years. OUR reputation is for holding THE BEST photographic classes makes pure sense. Toni, a jack-of-all-trades, has worked in almost all the photographic fields you can think of and her vast knowledge has taken 35 years to accumulate. There is none of this ' I've had a camera for a year so I can show you' stuff. Toni is the real deal and has held seminars and workshops to professional photographers Australia wide. 

Did you know that much of the beauty you see in photography is attractive to you eye because the image has been shot in a way that you could not ever see it like that with your natural eye?

Just think about it. How many of us love photographs with a shallow depth of field that highlight just one object? Or the beauty of a star trail and slow exposure photography? These things are all appealing to us because we can not 'see like that' without a camera. In fact a camera is the only way to ' see like that'.

In my many and varying courses, classes, workshops, weekend retreats, seminar's and one day wonders, you can cover almost any subject that you have an interest in. Exploring the wonder of photography with Toni Fuller Master Photographer will be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Many of our retired students love the opportunity to re-visit photography in a form of digital rather than film. Being a traditional photographer, that first got my hands 'wet' in the darkroom at at 11 years, my knowledge is superior to modern photographers that have only enjoyed playing with digital.

Old skills need to be taught or they will die out and these skills I incorporate into my classes. Using the camera as it should be used - as a tool- I can show you how to fully take control and make your camera sing! When you decide to take the punt and learn photography, pick out a class from our classes page, or email Toni to find the one that will be best for you.

My favorite feedback and review for 2016

Toni Fuller, Brisbane Photographers were so sad when you left us to move to Coffs Harbour all those years ago.

Our loss was Coffs Harbours gain; legendary photographers don't come along every day

and the people of the mid north coast of NSW should be overjoyed to have one of Australia's most awarded female photographers sharing such a vast knowledge.

I have been lucky enough to partake in many of your wonderful seminars and workshops through the AIPP and in your independent photography school, and can't speak highly enough of your dedication to photography and your students.

Most exciting of all is that this year we will be teaming up to do classes throughout Australia.

Brisbane will be lucky enough to get you back, even just for a week or two!

Yes! the exciting news is that this year I will be taking my classes on the road and teaming up with the talented Melissa Anderson in Brisbane for some city classes.

Those interested in joining a standard class or a weekend escape - cityscapes, urban sprawl photography and documentary photography, then email me so I know to keep you in the loop. PLUS check out our links page here to see the classes Melissa has on offer in Brisbane.


what the student's say about our classes ..


" I'm just so addicted to Toni's classes!. I've done almost all of them and even done some twice, simply because I loved it so much. I am always learnng more and more from Toni and love it when she adds a new and exciting class to the cluster. Best of all, if 'we' as a group ask to learn a certain thing, Toni can teach it!" Jan's above image was taken at the first PAINTING WITH LIGHT art class. Jan is always the first to book in for every PWL on a purpetual booking system.

Jans work is always inspirational and I am always busting to see how she has interprted a challenge. Jan has the most interesting quirky funny attitude which flows through to amazing and original art! Wow Jan, you really ROCK !! 

Michael Schultz says," My photography has taken over from all my other interests, I just can't get enough photography. As a senior I have done all of Toni 's classes and it never seases to amaze me that Toni has the answers to all the questions, and can show you how to do it! I'm lucky enough to be one of the WEEKEND ESCAPES CREW and every few months we go somewhere new for the weekend and shoot landscapes and what ever else we want. Some of us start at sun up and finish well afet sunset, so they are big days, but you can do as much or little as you like. They are something to look forward to all year. A great group of like minded people and no one telling you to hurry up!" The above image by Michael was taken at the INTERMEDIATE TECHNIQUES CLASS. It involves an extreem technique of flashing, zooming and a slow exposure. 

GWEN GIFFEN says," I'm lucky enough to be able to call Toni one of my best mates and I know the quality of her work very well, but when I did a class with her and she told be to set my camera to these settings and then pull the lens I never expected to get the shot you see here. It just blew my mind! I love low level light photography and taking candid's of my grand kids, and thanks to doing Toni's classes, I can do all that now."

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