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Toni Fuller photographer and visual artist.

Without giving it all away, we'll just say that Toni has over 30 years industry experience. As a highly motivated, creative and passionate photographer Toni's reputation stretches from coast to coast and then jumps all around the world, and why wouldn't it.

Toni Fuller resides in sunny Coffs Harbour on the Mid North Coast of NSW 2450 . Here's some interesting information about Toni.

In school Toni was a brilliant athlete and sports champion and never once took a second place in the 100 or 200 meters races.

If not playing sport at lunch time, Toni was in the art rooms or library looking up information about photography. BY grade 11 and 12 Toni's art teachers loved her as they had taught her since grade 8 and they both knew the passion she held for art.

At school it became apparent to Toni's art teacher that she understood camera settings and practices more than she did, so, Toni helped teach photographic fundamentals to the class. Needless to say she topped the class in photography two years in a row.

When returning to school the following year to let her 'old' teachers know she was excepted into art college, they were all thrilled for her, and her first 'teaching photography' talk was 6 months later at her old school. 


Toni started entering photographic competitions in QLD at the age of 18 and her work never returned without a winning ticket , or a second or highly recommended. To date Toni has over 200 photographic awards nationally and internationally. 80% of these are as a result of entering the Australian Professional Photography Awards as part of the AIPP ( Australian Institute of Professional Photography). Toni is now a Master Photographer with two gold bars.

PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE and ability takes years to develop and with photography having so many fields it is hard to find someone that has skills sets in many areas. Well, you guessed it! Toni has worked in more fields than most photographers you'll find today. We'll name a few for you.

In Queensland :: Press photographer

                          B/W darkroom printer for National Parks QLD

                          Mini Lab printer/ color correcter

                          Wedding and portrait photographer

In New South Wales :: Press Photographer/ chief photographer

                                :: Camp Creative and Artsfest Tutor for many years

                                :: Commercial Photographer and PR photography

                                :: Known Nationally as ' the queen of nude' because of the international interest and awards of Tones nudes and Glamor photography

                                :: Teaching photography privately

                                :: Real estate and property estate photography

                                :: wedding and portrait photographer

Teaching around Australia :: The only state Toni State in Australia has not done an educational photographic course for Adult Education, Government departments, Professional Photographic organisations, or private classes is The Northern Territory.

                                :: National Photographic seminars to professionals, sponsored by Fuji Australia, Canon Australia, AIPP.

                                :: Series of Seminars for the AIPP State councils in most states of Australia.

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