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2014 Glamour, Makeup, Fashion

Toni Fuller Master Photographer II talks freely about Glamour and Boudoir photography with the use of studio lighting and natural lighting.

A pretty face doesn't necessarily mean that you are photogenic and can work to a camera. Alternatively faces, or palet's, bone structure's and feature placement's are the most desirable thing. Beauty is perceptive - some people like the look - others don't.  So the trick is to combine the beauty with the talent of working the camera and knowing how to light a subject for effect is of major importance.

This lovely model is beautiful in her own right, but with the application of different makeup plus hair styling plus clothes choice and lighting you can create a totally different look and a 'new' persona. 

Glamour can be about a lovely shot of the subject for portrait's sake, or it can be creating a new and sensual look designed to turn heads and get wow's.  So we are back to understanding lighting, composition, mood exposure control to bring in your desired effect. Sometimes I work with studio flash equipment and sometimes I use other forms of introduced lighting. Often I use natural light as I have always termed myself a natural light photographer. Reflective light - still 'natural' even through it may be reflecting off a building - is one of my favourite lightings -  along with working beach photography . You must learn to 'see the light' in order to use natural lighting to it's best advantage.

When doing any kind of photography 'seeing the actual light', not just looking at a pretty face or great body and dismissing the terrible patchy lighting on it because you are to caught up in the looking to notice anything else. Or that great smile grabs you - to bad about the blacked out eyes and shadow's under the nose - because of poor lighting  these are the things that need concentration and control to pull of a great shot.

With my Canon DSLR camera set on a tripod I often use long exposures to push the boundaries and help new effects to evolve. I just love light and changing it opens up so many different possibilities and has helped me gain a national reputation for creativity and new idea's. 

I have worked with to many people to count over my 35 year career as a professional photographer and i must say that this girl has 'IT'.  She can work a camera in a blink of an eye and the looks she gives are to die for.  Luckily for my Glamour workshop in April 2014, she will be the lead model.

These classes are limited to eight people only and are a speciality class so you must have an understanding of your camera before doing it.  It is not a camera instruction course. But whilst saying that I do, of course give you settings to use but I expect you to know how to find them and also play with a few new things yourself. 

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