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Coffs Coast Advocate promotes our school

Well it's very humbling when you get asked by the Coffs Coast Advocate newspaper to send in a story starting ' my beautiful photos'. Instead I decided I would like to have a story on my classes and showcase my students beautiful work.  So Michael Schultz, Ari Street/ Jess Brown, look out ! Hopefully you both will have an image in the paper, along with a great candid shot of myself and my class working in an Advanced Portrait Lighting workshop a few years ago. 

- Thank you Wendy  for your interest.

The author of this shot I think was Martin Stuart, but I'm not sure. If anyone knows please pass his name onto me as I just love this funky image. 

The next class to start is the NIGHT photography / landscape course and we are getting it in before daylight savings starts.  This class will feature landscape photography using long exposures and varying apertures.  I doesn't matter if you are using a Canon Dslr, Nikon Dslr, or any other brand of camera - what matters is that you have completed the beginners photography course or have a good grasp on shutter-speeds and camera settings.  It is a must that you have your own tripod and cable release, as well as a torch to see where you are going!

We will be shooting urbanscapes as well as landscapes along the Coffs Coast, but mainly centring on the Coffs Harbour Area. Last time this class ran we photographed in Sandy beach, Sawtell, Coffs Headlands, and Emerald beach, so we did cover some ground.  Because we are out and about and we get so involved with what we are doing, this class can sort of run overtime as no one wants to stop!  

Come have some time out for yourself and enjoy one of these classes. Creativity can always be unleashed!

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