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Get ready for your class

OK so we are about to start classes.

This info is for all classes, unless there is a specific need for certain equipment in a particular class and then that info will apply for that class.

Creative Teens 

Beginners Photography 

Because all classes are interactive and you never know where we could end up please wear sensible shoes, no high heels please. You will all need a note book and pen.

YOUR CAMERA MANUAL, don't leave home without it.

Make sure you have charged your camera batteries and have either a new or formatted memory card.  Don't know how to format?  that's OK we will do it on the night, but make sure you have copied all your files to a hard drive somewhere, for after we format, your work will be gone.

 Bring all your gear, including tripod and cable release ( if you have one). When you arrive, walk straight down the driveway, follow the path towards the back fence and once you are past the avocado tree you will see the studio on the right. Go inside and wait for everyone to arrive.

Giving you these details is always a great way for me to find out early WHO reads the info I send out and who doesn't.  

For my Creative Teens :: Can you please bring some images along to look at where you are up to with your photography. I don't mean a computer either, I mean printed images.  Looking through computers takes us to long and we want to cover as much as we can. You can upload a few images to this blog if you like and that way it will become interactive for everyone. WE will use this blog to show images and talk about were you are up to after class is over for the night.

For my Beginners :: We have a great class guys, filled with good people and a few characters that should keep us well entertained. Please bring a small torch if you have one. If not wait till class as I am selling Painting With Light kits and you may wish to purchase one of those. These kits will come in handy when the PWL class starts in May.

PHOTOSHOP CLASSES. You guys require a computer that you can bring to class, power cables as well ( just in case).  You must have photoshop on your computer, note book and pen. Please make sure that your photoshop / Elements/ Cs opens before you come to class!

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