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We are happy to announce that until Christmas 2013 we will have 100 x $10 and 100 x $15 gift certificates up for sale.

These gift certificates are bought in blocks of $10, or $15 so you can buy as many or as few as you like.

To spend $90, you would buy 6 x $15.00 Gift vouchers and the total would be $90.00.  

Signed and validated Gift Certificates will be emailed to you once the payment has been made.

You can use these towards Toni Fuller's Photography School @ Coffs Harbour Photography for a photography class or private photography  

tuition, or private photo editing and photoshop tuition. Buy these great gifts in our shop.

These gift certificates can only be used towards portrait orders for Tones Photography from pre-completed portrait assignments.

They do not apply to new portrait bookings. Tones Photography is Coffs Harbour Photography.

The name change has come about simply because of google searching and making things easier  for you all to find our classes, in the local area.

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