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Honestly, give a kid a camera and you'll be amazed what they can achieve with a bit of tuition and training.

During our shutter speed class, Mai shot this frozen movement image and even shocked herself when she saw the results. By shooting at extremely high shutter speeds you are 'freezing' things that happen to quickly for your eye to see, therefore they are interesting to look at.

This image was taken hand held and by manually focusing. Well done Mai!  

I am also so impressed with your depth of field image where you have chosen to focus midway into the image subject. This has given a ' blur effect', both in the foreground and background of the image. This kind of selective focusing draws the viewer into the image.

Taking Mai's camera with a good sized zoom lens attached I took some images of a few Golden Orb spiders that live in my garden. The main element I went for was depth of field to highlight the spiders. take a look and you will see more than one per image. Because of the shallow DOF the spider is the centre of attention.

Thanks Mai for letting me test your equipment. 

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