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Position Position Position!

Taking what we do seriously, but not quite expecting this, my class got quite a shock when I walked into the water and then sat down to get the angle I was after.  They decided it was ' typical of me' and that perhaps they should give it a go as well.  So within ten minutes we were all shooting lovely landscape images from five centermeters above the water. Using your left hand as a guide you just need to position it so that it drops 'down' away from the camera. When you feel water on your little finger you know you are just inches above the water.

I might just add that this is a fresh water lake on a very still day. There was no wind or ripples, except for the ones we created when we wanted them. The wonderful images of me shooting are taken by Michael Schultz who's landscape photography is phenominal. Michael takes all the information and technique I give him to try on board, and will try them in various forms untill he understands exactly what they will acheive. You have to love someone with that much dedication. 

 The images of the landscapes are examples of what I was shooting.  Note the focus line and angle of the water. Only by shooting along it can you get such effects.

 If you are interested in Learning Photography, please comment, sign in and like us on face book.  Become  a member, call us or email us!!  This is what we do and we love it ! We have interesting things happening all year and soon will launch our 'one day mystery tours'.  Sound like fun?  up for a challenge? contact us and let us know you are interested, it could be the case that the first one doesn't even make it to the 'advertising stage' as I think it may book out before that.

Have fun shooting - Toni Fuller master Photographer

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