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Regional Student's Photographic Scholarship.

A few months ago I received a note through the AIPP that there was a photographic scholarship being offered to regional students interested

and active in photographic processes. Instantly I contacted one of my teen's Jess Brown and told her to apply. She did apply and has sent a

wonderful and diverse portfolio for judging to se if she will be selected for the regional Photographic Scholarship. I will up date you all as to how

she went once Jess gets the news herself.  Good luck Jess I do hope you are successful as you have a good eye and a great enthusiasm for

learning the techniques behind great photography. 

I love my Teens Classes and the energy that the young carefree students give back to me. They are a laugh a minute especially if dress up's

are involved. But amongst the laughter and crazy clothing is lighting techniques and understanding how to achieve the correct exposure to

reflect your 'thought's' photographically. 

Photography classes held by Toni Fuller at Coffs Harbour Photography are open for everybody to join. If we don't have one you are looking for,

please let us know so we can look at adding it to our list of classes.

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