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The First Teens class image by Ari

I know we are all having fun, and I am amazed at how much you guys are taking in. Oh to be young and free and retain information like a sponge!

Next week will be our last in this mini course and we will be attempting to take some interesting landscapes, if the weather is permitting.  When you are doing your assignment this week , this of something a bit quirky to do and take your time. the results will speak for themselves.

Rushing your photography will never result in a quality image. Work out your subject, look for your favourite lighting situation, work out your preferd exposure and then try to capture what you envisage in your mind. It's digital do you can shoot and shoot and shoot, not like the old days when we shot film and had to wait to process it before we knew if we were successful with our shot or not.

I'm hoping you will all upload a few shot sfor me to blog on and make this a learning forum for you. Until next week, my wonderful Teens, shoot till your hearst content!


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