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TODAY I spoke to a lovely lady in Armidale who wants to come to Coffs for a weekend class. After some discussion I realised that even though I had offered to come to Armidale, they were after a sea change weekend. I love it up the range and look forward to any reason to go west, just as the inlander's look for any reason to come east to the coast.

It's interesting, visually you are always looking for the 'different things', but what is different to you is normal to others. Finding inspiration is often easier when you are in a new environment, plus you have the sense of having a weekend break.

So, welcome the Armidale connection! We look forward to seeing you for a wonderful weekend of visual fun in November. PLUS Coffs local's who also enjoy this weekend session will be inspired by meeting new people and possibly forge new and exciting friendships. 

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