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Wooli Escape weekend

Well we are just back from our great Wooli Landscape Weekend with Toni Fuller Master Photographer.  The weather held and gave us a clear night that we could utalize to shoot star trails and night sky's as well as low light landscapes into the 'magic hour'. The thrill and rush when you get one of these images to work is wonderful.

With early morning starts from sunrise to way beyond night fall we ended up putting as much into our Saturday as we could. The only problem was that we forgot the wine to drink as we were waiting for our 30 mintute exposures to finish.  

This weekend Toni's visual exercise was to shoot minumum depth of field and 'push your lens' to show as much effect as possible. Just to make things harder we had to also focus through an image and show the effects that gave.

You may nitice the out of focus flower on the left hand of the image, with the correct focus on just one flower towards the right of the frame. This is selective depth of field, using the technique of selective focus to add impact. These little flowers love the mid day sun and open fully when the sun gets high, closing when it gets lower. Because of that they depicted the time we would be able to make the most creative us of them and we would ordinarily be having a well earned break, we were still shooting.

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